Sunday, December 11, 2011

Moon Mason .

thmisc-11 Assalamualaikum and Hye ! Arini rse nk buad entry lha pulak . .hahaha .. Oke2 . . Back to topic . Kenal tak baby Moon Mason . Hohoho .. Spe yang tak kenal kena bace entry neyh21 . Fyi , baby Moon Mason nie pelakon dan juge model . kt korea tu . . . Gambar 2 die semue comel2 cantek pon btol jugak .themoticon-12 . . hee . .kau ni dh nme model . . hadoi . .

25 Baby Moon Mason neyh pernah berlakon dengan Jan-Geun-Suk sbagai Han Junsu . . hohoho Memang Comel kn? ngeeee52
18 Moon Mason
18 2007/03/21
18 Blood Type O
18Mother is Korean and Father is Canadian .

For More Picture and Information about Moon Mason click this thmisc-15

19 Done Update . . Sori tak letak banyak2 gambar Moon Mason sbb nk gie tngok cite jap themoticon-15


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