Monday, March 9, 2015

This entry just like ?

Assalamualaikum . My lovely cat still sleeping. Actually I've nothing to share with all of you . But , yeah I need to always make an entry about everything . Like the older entry , I often (maybe) make an entry about D.I.Y maybe something that related with doodling because I addicted with doodling since I was form 2 , then my latest entry ''how to cut your own hair'' which I'd tries the D.I.Y and pretty satisfied with the result :D -.- and today , actually I'm still doodling. There's a lot of doodle that I've already make using the Apple app. But all those doodle still suspended for me to upload those stuff into this blog. I'm just so busy. Hell yaa, maybe all of you keep thinking that what is wrong with this girl ? she's not a student anymore. So what make her just so busy ? This girl also busy and acted like prime minister that manages this country. Yeah , maybe that's true. But I'm just so busy . I need to clean my house before I go to my driving classes. I need to give all of my beloved yummy honey cats in my house a very good and healthy breakfast . Every morning. I need to do EVERYTHINGGG !

Actually ,  the reason why I created this entry because no to complain every single things that I need to do. I'm just wanted to say that I'm just so BUSY !!!! hahaha. And also , 2nd Actually , Just being grateful guys . Every things that happened because a reason. Like people say , Ada Hikmah.Once I thought that why I need to do all of those things ? And now I've already found the answer , THOSE ACTIVITIES WILL MAKE YOUR BODY MORE HEALTHY AND INCREASING YOUR STAMINA ! Yuppp . That's right . 

Ok guys ,  May Allah bless all of you . Assalamualaikum. I'm just busyyyy , lalalalala
Pray for my upu and matriculation results :) Aminn . 

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