Saturday, March 7, 2015

This is just the beginning sweetheart :D

Assalamualaikum and Hi to all my dearest bloggers. Then finally ! I've already got my SPM's result. The only thing that I wanted to say right now is Allhamdullilah . Praise To Allah . Although , maybe some of you think that maybe it is too late to make an entry about SPM . But, I don't care. OHOHO. 
New journey .
Now , I'm just waiting for UPU result and also the matriculation result. I'm really hoping that I'd make good choices about the UPU. May Allah blessed me with a lot of HIS rezeki. Actually there's a lot , double a lot of things that happen to me but I do not make an entry about those things. Seriously , I don't enough time to open this square thing  . Which we can called it as LAPTOP. Yeah , I know that nowadays we can update our blog stuff using our smartphone , tablet or something like that lah . In my opinion , tak feel lah . It's gonna be more more more feel if we using this square things to update our blog because maybe we can feel that our finger step by step pressing the keyboard. 

I'm just hoping the best , hope I can make my parents proud with me. 


Niyaz zara said...

selamat bertatih ke zaman belaja adik..
semoga adik dapat apa yang dihajatkan..

Husnina Razlan said...

:D Aminn.